10 Piece King's Banquet Dinner Table Set Scenery

The Printpire

SKU: EC009

Has the king summoned your adventurer's to dine with him? Let your players know he means business with this 10 piece banquet table and chairs set.

Material: Plastic
Number of Pieces: 10 (when assembled)
Assembly Required: Yes (Glues together easily with hobby or super glue.)
Measurements (Approximate): Table measures 4" long x 1.5" wide x 0.5" tall
Scale: 28/32mm, or 1:48
Base: N/A
Freestanding: Yes
Alternate Ideas: bar table, captain's galley, knights of the rectangle table?
Set/Release Association: N/A
Design Credit: Ill Gotten Games
Licensing Info: Officially licensed to us to manufacture via 3D printer by Ill Gotten Games.