13pc Oq'Uiar "The Many" Bioship Fleet Space Ship War Gaming Set

The Printpire


Material: Resin
Number of Pieces: 11 - flight stand and rod included for each ship

(In no particular order:)
1 - Xy'lii Class Huge Cruiser Oq'Uiar "The Many" Tier 12
2 - Ra'Im Class Huge Cruiser Oq'Uiar "The Many" Tier 12
3 - Noorem Class Large Destroyer Oq'Uiar "The Many" Tier 8
4 - Raik'Zi Class Tiny Fighter Oq'Uiar "The Many" Tier 4
5 - Unq'Yaru Class Tiny Interceptor Oq'Uiar "The Many" Tier 1
6 - Pr'See Class Small Shuttle Oq'Uiar "The Many" Tier 5
7 - Cra'Be Class Medium Explorer Oq'Uiar "The Many" Tier 6
8 - T'Lorr Class Large Heavy Freighter Oq'Uiar "The Many" Tier 8
9 - Ka'Ness Tiny Fighter Oq'Uiar "The Many" Tier 3
10 - Qii'Yoru Class Collosal Dreadnought Oq'Uiar "The Many" Tier 17
11 - Oq'Uiar "The Many" Military Base
12,13 - Oq'Uiar "The Many" Warp Wormholes

Assembly Required: Yes (Flight stands)
Scale: Fleetscale 1:128
Base: 20mm acrylic flight stand with 1 inch rod
Freestanding: Yes (on flight stand)
Set/Release Association: The Terra Conflict
Design Credit: EC3D
Licensing Info: Officially licensed to us to manufacture via 3D printer by EC3D.

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