12 Piece Lot Numbered Loot Treasures Markers Scatter Terrain Dungeons & Dragons

Ill Gotten Games


These are the perfect way to randomize your treasure throughout your dungeon. Each model has a numbered bottom to sync with your list of loot. 

12 piece set included:

3 x Treasure Chests (Numbered 1,2, & 3)
3 x Crates (Numbered 1,2, & 3)
3 x Barrels (Numbered 1,2, & 3)
3 x Sacks (Numbered 1,2, & 3)

If you need numbers higher than 3 please let me know and I can make you a custom order. I can provide numbered markers all the way up to 10.

Scaled to 28mm this set is sized to work with all 28mm/32mm or similar miniatures from many popular RPG dice games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer, and many others. 

These unpainted 3D printed models comes in silver PLA plastic. They are placed on a 1" x 1" grid for reference.

Other fantasy miniatures are available in my store. If you are interested in purchasing several pieces of the same, or different models, please contact me and I can help you out with a shipping discount. Thanks!