32pc Color Patchmaster Pumpkin Monster Jack o Lantern Encounter Scatter Terrain

dungeons and dragons


Ready to roll, Patchmaster pumpkin monster. No need to paint. Fully colored. Great for RPG games or decoration in general.

1x Patchmaster Monster
2x Patchmaster Leafy Tendrils
4x Fence Sections
2x Hay Bale Walls
2x Individual Hay Bales
2x Hay Stacks
2x Corn Shocks
2x Wheat Bundles
2x Jack o Lanterns w/ Candles on top
1x Angry Jack o Lantern
1x Scared/Worried Jack o Lantern
2x Pumpkin Patches
1x Pumpkin Stack
2x Pumpkins w/ Candles on top
6x Pumpkin Variations

• Material: Multicolored Plastic
• Number of Pieces: 32
• Measurements: Photos included to show measurements
• Scale: Works best with 28/32mm or similar scales (1:64)
• Assembly Required: No
• Set/Release Association: N/A
• Design Credit: Ill Gotten Games
• Licensing Info: This model is officially licensed to The Printpire, LLC to manufacture via 3D printer by Ill Gotten Games.