Boneyard Wasteland Scatter Terrain 28mm Scale Dungeons & Dragons Miniature Model

Hero's Hoard

SKU: EC023

A prison made of the rib cage of a large creature. Mammoth and dragon remains. How did we end up here? How are we getting out?

Designed by EC3D/Hero's Hoard, and licensed to us to manufacture via 3D printer, this is the perfect mini setup for decorating your wasteland/boneyard terrain. Scaled to 28mm, this piece is sized to work with all 28mm/32mm or similar miniatures from many popular RPG dice games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer, and many others.

This unpainted 3D printed model comes in 6 pieces and is made of paintable, silver PLA plastic. 

A bone cage (The roof of the cage is removable for easy access. The door opens and closes and is also removable.) 
Dragon skeletal remains
Mammoth skeletal remains
Throne made of bone
A bone pit
Set of 2 large rib cages jutting from the earth.

The model set is placed on a 1" x 1" grid surface in the photo for size reference. The largest piece (the mammoth remains) measures approximately 5" wide x 5" long and 2.25" at it's highest point.

We have several other D&D mini's available in our store. If you can't find what you need please contact me and I may be able to make it for you. Thanks.