Dwarven Santa Mini & Sleigh w/ Reindeer 28mm Scatter Terrain Scenery Decoration

EC3D/Epics 'n' Stuffs


Material: plastic (sled), resin (Santa and reindeer)
Number of Pieces: 4 when assembled
Measurements (Approximate): Sleigh measures approximately 6" x 3" x 3"
Scale: 28/32mm
Base: Santa's base is 1" / 25mm
Freestanding: Yes
Assembly Required: Yes. Sled assembles easily with hobby or super glue.
Set/Release Association: N/A
Design Credit: EC3D and Epics 'n' Stuffs
Licensing Info: Reindeer and sleigh are officially licensed to us to manufacture via 3D printer by EC3D. Dwarven Santa is officially licensed to us tot manufacture via 3D printer by Epics 'n' Stuffs.