Frost Giant Pair Miniature Mini Figure Fantasy Tabletop Game Dungeons & Dragons


SKU: EC030

The blizzard breaks unexpectedly. An eerie chill shudders throughout the party as a pair frost giants part the fog. A thunderous, maniacal laugh fills the air as the pair lifts their weapons ready to strike. The snow is the least of the party's worries now.

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These unpainted 3D printed models come in silver, easy to paint, PLA plastic. Both measure approximately 5" tall. The bases measures 3" in diameter. They are placed on a 1" x 1" grid surface in the photo, and beside a D20 die (NOT included in sale) for size reference. These pieces are sized to work with all 28mm/32mm scale or similar miniatures from many popular RPG dice games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer, and many others.

Designed by EC3D and licensed to us to manufacture via 3D printer, this is figure is part of the Wilds of Wintertide set. Please check our other items for many more pieces from Wilds of Wintertide.

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