Lot of 6 Space Crew Mini Miniature Figure Scenery Terrain 3D Printed Model

Ignis Quadrant


Need the perfect mix of rough and tumble, and smart and sassy to man your spaceship? Look no further!

Material: Resin
Number of Pieces: 6 - Includes: heavy gunner, gangster muscle, space cowboy, female mechanic, female bounty hunger, & female assassin
Measurements (Approximate): Tallest figure measures 1.75" tall
Scale: 28/32mm, or 1:48
Base: 1"
Freestanding: Yes
Assembly Required: No
Alternate Ideas: Space gangsters, Space station workers
Set/Release Association: EC3D's Ignis Quadrant
Design Credit: EC3D
Licensing Info: Officially licensed to us to manufacture via 3D printer by EC3D.

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