24pc DungeonSticks Dry Caverns Map Building Wall Tile Set Scenery Terrain


SKU: EC251

DungeonSticks: Caverns - a new modular cavern design system that is fast and easy, and designed to use with a gridded battle map! Easy setup and easy breakdown make this system perfect for any tabletop game.

Material: Plastic
Number of Pieces: 24: 4x straight wall sections, 4x crooked wall sections, 4x corners, 2x open doorways, 2x closed doorways, 2x male wall ends, 2x female wall ends, 2x male-female-female splitters, 2x female-male-male splitters
Measurements (Approximate): doorways are 2.5" tall. The photos are taken on a 1" grid map and have a D20 and a 28mm figure for reference.
Scale: 28/32mm
Base: No
Freestanding: Yes
Assembly Required: No
Alternate Ideas: N/A
Set/Release Association: EC3D's Dungeonsticks
Design Credit: EC3D
Licensing Info: Officially licensed to us to manufacture via 3D printer by EC3D.

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